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Sell digital vouchers on Shopify

For a seamless online to offline customer journey

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Start selling digital vouchers on Shopify

Now your offline goods and services can be sold directly on Shopify

Digital vouchers are designed to highlight your brand and products so customers can use it themselves, or send to friends and families as gifts.

Send branded digital vouchers to shoppers

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Scan and redeem, all within our app

All voucher QR codes are unique, and can only be scanned using our app to verify their redemption status. This ensures that your high-ticket items are redeemed properly, and reduces the chance of fraud.

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Get insights into redemption data to optimize operation and inventory management, and to understand customer's redemption behavior for online to offline marketing initiatives.

Review redemption statistics to inform your O2O strategy

Add your offline products and services on your Shopify store, and link it to Wave Vouchers to fulfill it as a digital voucher

Sell online, redeem offline

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Contactless store experience

Drive sales of your offline products or services online using vouchers, and let customers redeem them at a later date.

Streamline offline purchase experience for shoppers - get their purchase details just by scanning their QR code voucher.

Sell offline redeemable gift certificates to delight your shoppers and their loved ones.

Create vouchers for your offline goods and services

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